From Acerías Bragado to Acerbrag, the trajectory of one of the largest Argentine steel mills

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Education – Centennial Cause part 2

Votorantim chose Education as one of the main causes of its 100 years. And to do so, it has...

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Vila Leopoldina

From industrial warehouses to cultural production center

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Parties and Celebrations

Each of the thousands of people who built Votorantim's century-old history left its mark here in the form of...

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Weaving the history of Votorantim

When buying the bankruptcy of Banco União in 1918, Antonio Pereira Ignacio acquired more than a fabric factory, he...

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Images, videos and texts are more than pieces of collection. They are stories of a centennial company and its relationship with Brazil and the world.

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In 2018, we will complete 100 years of history.
Follow the main moments.

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