Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Brazil’s industrialization process began to take shape. With him the workers’ villages were born next to the factories, formed by workers of diverse cultures. And from the interaction between them, music bands and a tradition of parties and celebrations were born, whose records are kept in the collection of the Votorantim Memory.

In 1892, the Votorantim Textile Factory, located in the city of Sorocaba, SP, still owned by Banco União de São Paulo, had more than 1,200 employees: bricklayers, painters, carters, ligneurs, potters, weavers, spinners, dry cleaners, dry cleaners , technical. Almost half of the specialized workforce was Italian. A third of Spaniards. The engineers and bosses were English. A melting pot of different cultures, languages ​​and stories. The parties to celebrate these cultures took place naturally.

As of 1918, the Fábrica de Tecidos Votorantim started to be commanded by the Portuguese Antonio Pereira Ignacio, whose characteristics include a taste for work, entrepreneurship and also celebration. Former employees remember this time:

In Seu Pereira’s time, Votorantim had many parties. There was a show and dance in the cinema building. On New Year’s Eve, when it was midnight, the factory beeped. It was time for the hug, the draft beer, sandwich and sweet ”

Distribution of toys at the fabric factory Votorantim, 23 Dec. 1944.

Report from the Cruzeiro do Sul newspaper about the 1943 Christmas party of Votorantim, 1 jan. 1944.


Since the 1930s, Votorantim’s businesses have grown and diversified. Chemistry, cements, steel. With them more workers’ villages appear.

One of the highlights of this time is the inauguration of Companhia Nitro Química Brasileira in 1935. Installed in the São Paulo Paulista district of São Paulo, the company soon brought together several workers in its surroundings. In 1939 the employees founded the Clube de Regatas Nitro Química, which operated until the early 1990s. The Club was responsible for organizing various events, including spring dances, New Year’s Eve, Carnival and sports championships. From there came also artistic groups, such as the band “Jazz Nitro”. There is also the registration of jazz bands at Fábrica de Tecidos Votorantim, in Sorocaba, SP and at Siderúrgica Barra Mansa, in the city of Rezende, RJ.

Since 1918, celebrations at Votorantim have taken place at different times: in recreational unions, in sports, at the end of the year, at June parties, at graduations of employees’ children, at the birth of a child, on the birthday of a worker. Along with a lot of work, effort and dedication, each stage won was a reason to celebrate.

Carnival dance by Nitro Química, s.d.

And in 2018 Votorantim celebrates its centenary.

It is time to celebrate the Portuguese immigrant who arrived in Brazil in 1884 and thousands of people who passed through here, each with a trajectory that contributed to the construction of these 100 years.

It is time to celebrate the story that brought us here, and especially all the stories that we want to live from now on.

Celebrating each bag of cement produced, each kilowatt generated, each orange harvested, each eucalyptus planted, each piece of cast aluminum, is to celebrate the transformation of history, is to be ready for the beginning of the next 100 years!

And where there are people, there is a party!