All of Votorantim’s historical collections already collected and cataloged are under the custody of the Votorantim Memory. A prominent collection in our collection is that of Trademarks and Patents, with registration of products manufactured by Votorantim from 1934 to 1993.

Altogether there are more than 6 thousand documents in this collection.

Brands? Patents?

Trademark is the iconographic registration or the name used to identify a certain product, the patent is the legal registration of a particular innovation, idea or invention.

They are registered with the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services within the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) to have legal validity and to be defended if someone creates a product similar to yours and you want to claim authorship of the product or service.

Our Collection

We have in our collection the registration of famous products in the market such as the “Votoran” brand of cement produced by Votorantim Cimentos, for example, but we also have the registration of products that Votorantim produced in the past and today are no longer part of the company’s portfolio , like “Primus” cooking oil.

Through this collection we can understand several processes, such as the creation of new brands, the creation of visual identities of the company’s products, etc. In addition to having a historical record of aesthetics that prevailed at different times through the work of designers and graphic artists.